Property Search Guidelines

Here are some things that will help narrow our search.


Right now, we are looking for the property neighbors complain about. If a house sticks out in the neighborhood like a sore thumb, then we’re interested.

RMLS Search Criteria

Property Type: Detached Single Family

List price: 0 – 199k

Auction: Yes

Short sale: Yes

Terms to look for: Cash only, fixer, POF, distressed, investor, damaged, motivated seller

Year Built: NA

Square footage: Typically greater than 1000 sq ft

Bedrooms: 2+ bedroom Bathrooms: 1+ baths

Prefer urban to rural.

Note on RMLS emails:

When you send any emails from RMLS (listings, comps, etc.) please put the street address in the Subject field.  If RMLS won’t let you, you could email it to yourself and then forward it to me with a new subject.  I know this is an extra step, but I have lost several deals I was excited about because I have no way to search through all the emails titled “RMLS: Link to Listings”


When we ask for comps, we want carefully picked comparable homes, that closely match the finished product.  In other words, if we are planning to add a bathroom, the comps should reflect the after repair specs.

Please review the comparable report criteria below.

  • Within .5 miles of the home
  • Sold or pending within the last 6 months
  • Comparable in year built, square footage, bed, bath, and lot size.
  • Please make sure I can see the price per sf, as this number is very important.

2010 Preferences

  1. I’m looking for the house that is well below the value of homes around it.
  2. I want to AVOID the City of Portland unless they are homes in SW that are very light fixers.
  3. I am very interested in unfinished new construction.
  4. I am very interested in auctions and short sales.
  5. If there is a lockbox or contractor’s key mentioned on your MLS notes, please include that information when you send me comps, so we can take a look.
  6. If you come across anyone that needs to sell their house IMMEDIATELY for cash, please have them call me at (503) 254-CASH.  I will still give agents a commission even if the buyer is not represented.
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