Property Manager Position

Watch this 9 minute overview of our company before you apply.

8 Responses to “Property Manager Position”

  1. Cindi Thomas

    You make your expectation clear. You want hard working people that can help as a team but can also work independently and make sound decisions while giving great customer service.

  2. Kauser

    Watched the video.

  3. Gigi Lentzas

    I love your values and feel it is awesome that you accept, acknowledge and celebrate the different types strengths your employees have to offer.

  4. Jeff Kiser

    I definitely agree with all aspects of your management mission. You need to lead by example in order to get the proper results for all that are involved. I will be sending a cover letter with my resume for I definitely feel like this will be a good fit overall.

  5. Sallie Vega de White

    Very nice video.

    Thank you

  6. Sallie Vega de White

    Very nice video.

  7. Nancy Dong

    Hi Tyler and Mike,
    I sent an email expressing interest in applying for this job, not only because I am looking for a job as I continue to look for deals, but because I admire how you guys run your business, with Integrity, Win Win and customer based solutions.

    I align with the philosophies in the vdo. I am managing 4 properties in Vancouver; have ran my own start up manufacturing company with detailed project management skills as well as continuing with my RE investing company. I am personable and a good listener; can make decisions based on sound data analysis. Work great with people as well as being a motivated self starter (have to be as an investor!).

    I don’t have the standard RE resume, but i have enough life experience to be an asset to Rare Birds. Proficient in all the general computer skills, but a quick study to that i’m not familiar with.

    I’d love to explore this further with you. Please call or email. 360 608 1594

    Thanks guys!

  8. Jennifer Brandon

    I am very impressed with your video and would be honored to be a part of your company. I will be sending over my cover letter/resume and look forward to speaking with someone regarding the property manager opening.


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