Effective immediately, Rarebird Inc.’s policy for social distancing protocol follows:

Definition of Terms: 

  • Rarebird Inc.’s office located at 800 NE Broadway Street, Portland, OR 97232  (hereinafter referred to as the “Office”). 
  • Business-critical visitors include prospective buyers, prospective sellers, existing Clients, lenders, escrow officers, notary publics, vendors specific to ongoing projects (hereinafter “Client” or “Clients”).
  • All employees and independent contractors (hereinafter referred to as “Workers”). 

Workers and Clients must abide by this Social Distancing Policy (the “Policy”).

The Policy:

  • The Office is closed to the public, and open to Clients by appointment only.
  • All non-business-critical individuals, all those not included in the definition of Clients outlined above, are prohibited from visiting the office, attending property showings or meetings with Clients and Workers.
  • All Workers are required to work from home.
  • All Workers are required to remain at least 6 feet away from each other and all Clients at all times.
  • Shaking hands is prohibited. Greet or solidify an agreement with words and gestures only. 
  • Rarebird Inc.’s Policy must be provided to every Client prior to any in-person meetings with a Worker. 
  • Clients should be informed of the social distancing precautions being taken by the Rarebird Inc. office and notified that they are required to adhere to government-mandated social distancing rules.


  • The first step is to self-enforce these requirements. Be vigilant about your actions and your space. 
  • Speak up if you feel your space is not being respected by others. Let them know, and give them a chance to self-correct.
  • If they are unwilling to self-correct and/or continue to not maintain a 6 foot distance, please contact Eric Guess, Office Enforcer, immediately (eric@rarebirdportland.com or 503.451.0545).
  • Once the opportunity for self-correction has been offered and violated, a verbal warning will be issued.
  • If a verbal warning goes unheeded, the situation will be escalated to Human Resources in writing.
  • If, after verbal and written warnings have been given, and the warnings go unheeded, the Worker will be sent home for the day, without pay; Independent Contractors will no longer be granted access to use the office space until Executive Order 20-12 is terminated. 
  • If a Client violates this Policy, they will receive a chance to self-correct, and/or a reminder from Eric. If they continue to disregard these policies, they will be asked to leave and they may conclude their business remotely.